Self-teaching with Speedlingua

For the first time in Perpignan, the language Pack SPEEDLINGUA is carried out by a Language Academy.
ALFMED in a partnership with SPEEDLINGUA carried out the installation of this revolutionary method to allow students and partner companies using it. This significant investment answers to the growing request of our clients who wish improving their oral skills. Thanks to its Language Laboratory, ALFMED can host, from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., some students who follow an individual course according to their availabilities and their levels.

What is Speedlingua?

Speedlingua software has been especially created to speed up the language learning, working on phonetics and pronunciation. It was patented on the base of a medical study aiming open the ear to the sounds, to the language musicality to better develop the oral expression improving pronunciation.

The ALFMED Language Laboratory equipped with 10 computers is provided of high-performance headphones and adapted to the software using in order to make easier the method’s implementation.
Speedlingua intervenes directly on listening, understanding and pronunciation in stimulating the inner ear.

Why is it so difficult to uderstand and to speak a foreign language?

Every language is characterized by its rhythm, musicality and its dominant frequencies. The ability to listen and therefore understanding the human being depends on the mother tongue. The frequencies that we don’t or misperceive impede the comprehension but also the speaking of the learner. Therefore, certain phenomenons are not or badly perceived. Asian people do not differentiate “gue” and “ke”. The difficulty for French people to pronounce the “the” in English and the Spanish “rota” is also a result of a bad perception of these sounds.

The foundation of the technology

By comparing French and English, we can see that these two languages have no dominant frequency in common. That largely explains learning difficulties.

How does the Speedlingua methods work?

Taking into account these disparities in the perception of frequencies, Speedlingua gives the ear the possibility to correctly hear the frequencies of the language to be learned. Since the ear and the positioning of the mouth are linked in the process of expression; Speedlingua allows almost instantaneous return and significant progress in terms of speaking.

Each Speedlingua session starts with a listening phase, followed by targeted pronunciation exercises:

1. Listening phase: a language immersion “in situ” of 15 minutes. The user listens to the music which was gradually treated in the field frequency of the target language.

2. Pronunciation phase: during 30 minutes, the user practices the pronunciation by repeating words and sentences. The software processes and changes the person’s voice in real-time and restores it on the correct frequency. As the user hears himself speak “correctly”, he then correct pronunciation and rhythm to get as near as possible to a native speakers approach. Physiologically, the pronunciation, the positioning of the mouth, tongue and voice are modified

It’s remarkable that FLE pedagogy has been developed with Alliance Française network; moreover ALFMED uses the same method for its professional clients for foreign language learning.

Many satisfied users have already shared their success. Like them, be the next to significantly improve the language of your choice!