French Summer over 2/4 weeks


Intensive Programs of 2 weeks
Dates :

10th and 23rd June 2014
7th and 21st July 2014
4th and 18th August 2014

Fees :
Without accomodation / 750 Euros
With accomodation / starting at 950 Euros

Intensive Programs of 4 weeks
Dates :
8th June, 6th July and 3rd August 2014

Without accomodation: 1175 €
With accomodation / starting at 1575 €

DATES 2014/2015

FEES 2014/2015

Arrival on Sunday and French courses start on Monday morning

ask for information or pre-register

> Comprised of a period of 1 or 2 weeks minimum it is an affordable way to learn French in pleasent conditions, irrespective of the level of the student, beginner, intermediate or advanced. The student’s level is determined upon registration using the test on line and is validated by an oral exam taken with a teacher on the very first day of the program.


French course: 3 hours every day (Monday to Friday)
see our Teaching Methods

  • Outings in Perpignan with the class: once per week (costs are included in the payed price)
  • 1 excursion in the surrounding of Perpignan: 1 outing during a stay of 2 weeks; 2 outings during a stay of 4 weeks
  • Self teaching sessions at the Lab everyday with free access to: 10 PC
    with French software/SKYPE/Internet/Email services
  • 5 round trips to the beach in CANET-EN-ROUSSILLON per week
  • Transfers upon arrival and departure (airport/ trainstation/ bus)

    +++ More about our accomodations…+++


Issuing of a student card for inscription, a certificate of the training at the end of the program.

> Week-ends free… so many things to do, let’s go to Barcelona?


“As another week takes it beginning at ALFMED (and here) I wish to send warm greetings, Thank You and tell you that I am well and back in Copenhagen.
I thouroghly enjoyed the Apéro Bastille at the school and wished that
I could have stayed longer. 

Kind and warm regards to you and the staff at ALFMED,” Paul


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Students at the main station

Agrandir l'imageStudents at the main station