Information about the CSN student grant
What is needed to get a student grant from CSN?

You must be a Swedish citizen – special rules apply for foreign citizens.
The studies should involve at least 3 weeks of full-time teaching *
You must have basic qualifications.
You must have been registered as living in Sweden for the last two years and not be more than 50 years old.

* Full-time studies consist of at least 20 hours per week. Courses of less than 20 hours/week are eligible for a student grant if the course is delivered by a university, and is considered to be a full-time course.

Which schools are approved for study grants?
ALFMED is accredited by CSN.

How long can you get a student grant for?
You can usually get a student grant for a maximum period of 12 semesters in total. If you plan to keep on studying in Sweden you must pass an examination at the end of the language course and attend at least 80% of teaching.

How much money are you entitled to?
The following amount is set by CSN, check this for France

Grant per week
Loan for studying abroad in France-perweek.
In addition to the usual basic loan, you can also apply for a study grant for the course fees –
Additional student loans to cover travel insurance might be available.
You can also apply for loans to cover one round trip per 6 months (of each calendar year), from Sweden to the study country.

How to apply?
Application for a student grant to study abroad is made via a specific form “Ansökan om studiemedel för studier utomlands” (Application for student grant to study abroad) , . Read more about what you should send with your application. There is no need to apply for the student grant before you have the information needed to fill in those forms, so start by booking your language course with us!

Do you need more information?
Visit the CSN web page for more information about studying abroad, or contact CSN. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to