2 Semester program for chinese students from the Conservatoire de Perpignan Méditerranée

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This program is composed of 2 academic semesters with possible start at the beginning of the Spring, Summer or Winter semester:

  • Group sorted according to levels, 12 people maximum
  • Upon your arrival students will be given a welcome folder with their timetable and useful information about the town and the region
  • During the semester students will receive news letters notifying you about all the events and things going on at all times at ALFMED and in the region
  • Our “e-learning” platform allows you to practice using your tablet, your computer or your phone at any time. This interface offers 16 languages to learn, with personalised exercises related to the level and the progress of the student. There are various fun activities and modules designed for practicing both written and oral articulation, with unlimited access for three months
  • Free unlimited WIFI on ALFMED premises
  • Free access to the Café and ALFMED garden
  • ALFMED student card issued upon the first week of arrival

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Linguistic Immersion

  • 4 weeks Intensive French during the first month of the course
  • Lessons from 9am to 12pm Monday to Friday.
  • Extensive program:
  • On Tuesday and Thursday afternoon
  • Tuesday: specific course related to music
  • Thursday: general French
  • Unlimited “e-learning” platform for 3 months with personnalised exercises chosen with your teacher.

Cultural Immersion

  • 5 cultural outings with the class in the town of Perpignan and round abouts
  • 2 Cinema Workshops
  • Welcome drinks at the begining of the term and graduation cereùony at the end of the term.

Language assessment

  • TCF TP training – French assessment (Test de Connaissance de Français Tout Public)
  • 4h preparation Mock TFC Exam
  • TFC TP Exam (compulsory exams) at the end of the program, with possibility of extra options written and oral 
  • Diploma issued by the CIEP Paris, ALFMED official examination centre
  • Diploma recognized worldwide. 
  • Valid diploma for registration in French Universities
  • Level certificate issued by ALFMED according to th CEFRL

 Total cost for the 2-semester program: 2450€

DATES 2019

The semester fees are to be paid at the beginning of each semester. Enrol at ALFMED or by phone with Magali Hérard. The TCF TP exam is included in the price. Student’s social security costs 215 euros for the University year, registration at ALFMED.

Student card issued upon arrival. A training certificate attesting of the French level attained issud at the end of the course.