Description and Main Objectives of the Study Visit INTEGRA : 16-21st September 2017


The INTEGRA project is based on a study visit in Perpignan, France, with the main objective to improve the support of mentally disabled learners in a European dimension. By exploring new complementary devices, we would like to raise awareness and promote EU social inclusion. Through the project our aim is to strengthen the international dimension of Youth Education through Mobility.

The project revolves around:

  • Visiting organizations that are involved in the social integration of mentally disabled students (in order to present possible contexts of integration)
  • Meeting of the professional participants: services, training areas and main goals of each institution
  • Encouraging cooperation between all partner institutions in this project to jointly design new activities under ERASMUS +
  • Round table discussions, identifying common objectives & means to facilitate the development of mobility programs

This is the first step towards a more global project: involving intellectually disabled people in Mobility through the ERASMUS+ program

INTEGRA Approach


The approach implemented in this project allows us to create and improve the mobility of participants with intellectual disabilities within the ERASMUS+ program. Our main objective is that Mobility becomes a crucial part of their social integration process so that its impact becomes as strong as the one obtained for non-disabled participants.

Through the project, we aim to:

  • Support intellectually disabled learners in their personal development acquisition of skills and competences
  • Help them in their involvement as active citizens in society, and in their employability in the European labor market
  • Increase the capacities and international dimension of those organizations that are active in the field of education and training so that they can offer more programs that meet the individuals’ needs

This project is inspired by a previous KA2 project, TEDDIP’Europe that involves Training modules for specialized educators dedicated to deep mentally disabled kids.

“More than a project”

Study Visit in Valencia 2017

“More than a project”

Study Visit in Valencia 2017

Participating Organisations

The INTEGRA project brings 15 participants together from 5 different countries. These professionals all work in the field of (light medium) intellectual disability in various occupational centers involved in ERASMUS+.

The project is launched and coordinated by:

  • ALFMED Language Academy – France

It is supported by a local partner:

Partner Institutions: