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Une situation unique en Europe !

Sur la côte méditerranéenne , entre Paris et Barcelone

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Learn French in France …

« Do you want to learn French in France? Choose « Alfmed » your school in the South of France!

Best rated French language school by students and partners, Alfmed is the #1 school to learn French in France, whatever your level and duration of your stay.

Come and make new friends with Alfmed… »

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« I am so glad that i made the decision to come to Perpignan … my roomates made it even more enjoyable. I had the best time of my life and i learned a lot! Not only french! »

Julia N.Germany

« I have made a lot of new friends here. Learn and share french. Be relax and just enjoy the moment in the south of France… »

Philipp. F.Deutschland

« To all at ALFMED, just to say thank you for such an enjoyable french experience.
My sister and I really enjoyed the course and i’m sure that we have improved our knowledge of french.
I will have no hesitation in recommending ALFMED to others wishing to study french.
Many thanks to all the teachers and staff who made our stay so enjoyable! »

Mary and BernadetteEngland

« I have had a short but very interesting stay in Perpignan. I have learned a lot about France and people in general. »

Tom H.Ireland

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