PLACET project


PLACET: Supporting PLAcement Companies in European Training

Leonardo da Vinci partnership

The present partnership aims to improve the quality of the placement insertion of participants in transnational mobility, e.g. LdV, focusing on the role of hosting companies.

The teams involved are intermediary experts and face the difficulty of the labour market to accept foreign trainees and to manage them smoothly.

The project will aim to:

  • share intermediaries’ difficulties and best practice in the relationship with hosting companies
  • involve entrepreneurs and managers in a collection of best practice and a SWOT analysis
  • promote the potential of hosting a European trainee
  • allow the sending promoters to better know the sector peculiarities and labour market situations of partners’ territories for better matching the trainees’ practical training needs
  • share a better knowledge of school systems and certifications to properly read applicants’ CVs
  • create support materials for the hosting companies involving: intercultural aspects; useful information on the relevant European Programmes; basics on tutoring evaluation, certification, with a special attention to Europass and ECVET
  • identify methods/procedures for the positive participant integration and welcoming in the company

All partners will be actively involved in all phases, each contributing with their specific expertise.

The meeting in each country will be the occasion to:

  • improve partners’ expertise
  • effectively coordinate the project and work f2f in the project team on the identified topics
  • work with representatives of the local hosting companies (or potential ones), entrepreneurs, chambers of commerce, trade associations

Managers and mentors will be interviewed creating best practice videos (put in Internet) useful to attract new companies in transnational job experience.

At home all partners will investigate the analyzed topics, work with local companies, prepare content issues for the meetings and the mobility logistics.


– ALFMED, France

Quarter Mediation, the Netherlands

IDEUM, Arvidsjaur Kommun, Sweden

Xena centro scambi e dinamiche interculturali (waiting list), Italy

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