ERASMUS+ Staff Program ‘Organic agriculture Masterclass’

Duration: 5 days + 2 days travel
Location: ALFMED – Perpignan FRANCE

  • Target group : (VET or not VET) school and Adult education staff involved in Organic Agriculture

Why do we organize this project “Organic agriculture Masterclass” ?

Over 12 years ALFMED has been actively involved in International Mobility Projects and has organized numerous Staff Programs on 2 main topics: “different VET context but common use of ECVET” – “Organic farming: Bio is beautiful”. A total of 50 staff have done such programs at ALFMED.

We have reached in 2017 a total historical number of 1 000 student mobility hosted in Perpignan. 10% of these mobility programs are performed within the organic farming

What did we learn from this “Agriculture ” Erasmus student experience?

  • French language is not compulsory if students have some motivation and technical competences
  • French farmers are willing to share their savoir-faire as far as they find ‘passion’ among their Erasmus+ trainees
  • Potential participants are sometimes afraid by the language barrier but they all end up with an incredible Agriculture experience  as our southern region is THE place to learn about Organic farming for a large variety of agriculture
  • Job shadowing/internship gives a tremendous opportunity to exchange best practice in terms of technics, intercultural communication, language improvement, career insights…

Why and how do we offer our “Organic farming”  staff program?

  • Perpignan stands in the region Occitanie Pyrenees-Mediterranean, we are proud of our French leadership in Organic farming
  • Nestled between the Pyrenees mountains and the Mediterranean coast, thanks to exceptional weather conditions and ground properties Perpignan coastal plain offers a wide range of products : from wine to artichokes, green lettuce, tomatoes, apricots, peaches, apples, cherries and strawberries… and some reserach centers fully involved in organic agriculture
  • ALFMED collaborates with the French Professional association CIVIAM BIO  that counts experts and farmers that are doing some research on organic farming. They will welcome Agriculture teachers and provide a highly treasured job shadowing as a professional experience in French context.
  • ALFMED works together within Erasmus + projects with some state-of-the-art Organic farmers and training centers . They will welcome participants and provide a highly valuable job shadowing as a training experience in French VET context.

ALFMED has set up this project ‘Organic farming Masterclass’ for VET or Adult education teachers only and in close collaboration with the professional association ‘CIVIMA BIO’ so to set up the best professional context and reach highly valued learning outcomes.

The project will involve participants from Agriculture sector :

  • Expert in analysis of training needs, planning training paths and planning accompanying measures
  • Project planners and designers, tutors, trainers, project manager, job guidance tutors, skills’ assessment managers, manager in learning processes in formal education.

Through an experience abroad, the participants will have the chance to exchange practices and expertises in management, tutoring of learning processes in organic agriculture.

Main aim is to transfer competences to local actors and stakeholders, about skills, methodologies, innovative practices and application of ECVET system to Organic agriculture.

Duration: 5 days + 2 days travel
Location: ALFMED – Perpignan / FRANCE

Through this Staff Program our objectives cover 2 main areas:

  • French Organic farming exploration to improve technical competences
    • biological and biodynamic agriculture
    • transformation of agricultural products
    • re-use of agricultural waste for production of energy
    • Wine production
    • Promotion of local products / short distribution network
    • Gardens
    • cultivation of cereals and crops
    • CIVIAM BIO VISITS – Introduction to the Organic production sector of the region : Organic composting method in a Wine domain and orchad
    • CIVIAM BIO VISITS  – Organic Market gardenning: visit of an experimental research center and farm
  • Gain knowledge about French professional Training centers: resources- means -pedagogy
    • Guided Visit with Laurent -BIO IS BEAUTIFUL !- dayprogram with visits of Organic farms – specific methods – specific distribution channels – lunch in a vineyard Estate : Domaine Cazes
    • Visit of AGRI VET school speciliazed in organic farming
    • Best practice exchanges are favoured among teachers and farmers
  • Understand “agriculture student Mobility” process
    • Present our organisation and the way we host ER+ students
    • Logistic conditions that we provide for students (pick-up, accommodation, 24h-assistance)
    • The pedagogical method we use to prepare students for this kind of internships: key factors of success (even when French level is zero)
    • The tools we use to find the perfect company-match for each trainee over our network
    • Compare the French system with the participants’ national context: diplomas and long life training paths

What impact ?

    • Improve language skills used for speaking/teaching a foreign language in a EU mobility context
    • Improve knowledge about Erasmus+ mobility: objectives – practical means– impact of mobility for participants
    • Improve practical use of European tools used for Mobility: Europass Mobility, ECVET evaluation tools…
    • Provide the best educational environment & preparation for a successful mobility
    • To gain broader understanding on how to use, exploit and promote European Mobility among pupills

5-day program  

  • 2 full days of workshops/Masterclass with CIVIAM BIO and French teachers/researchers  in a professional context
  • 2 full days of Job shadowing in farms
  • 1 full day** of (local products) tasting sessions

Our aim is to provide such Masterclasses planned on specific dates and open to different European training centers so to favour best practice exchange and a diverse European mobility experience for teachers.

>> All activities are conducted in English (minimum A2 or a colleague for translation from English is needed) and French (French is not required/optional)

>> Accommodation options are provided in Perpignan city center

>> All activities are managed by ALFMED staff

>> Masterclasses are organised with French association ‘CIVIMA BIO’

>> Learning agreements are set up according to each specific session

>> Job shadowing is set up according to participant learning objectives

>< Meals are provided during the Masterclasses and Job shadowing >> Full program is set up for open groups of 15 people maximum

>> Registration on one of the program session is requested minimum 2 months in advance

 The way we do it:

  • Before Mobility
    • Registration of the participant on one of the sessions 2 months in advance
    • Fill in the Jobshadowing questionnaire so to identify the participant’s objectives and wishes
    • Advice for travel and connections of the participant
    • Accommodation bookings and Infopack sent to participants with an emergency number during the trip
  • During Mobility
    • Upon arrival: Welcome folder and orientation meeting to recall objectives and logistics
    • We take care of
  • French language evaluation Certificate (if French language is spoken)
  • Organic agriculture Masterclass Certificate
  • Cook Job shadowing Certificate : we propose an evaluation grid is used by the French Mentor to assess acquired competences in context and a self-evaluation grid used by the participant
    • Participants evaluation of the full program at the end of the week
    • Farewell aperitif
  • After Mobility
    • Europass Mobility is issued
    • Final report including program evaluation and Program picture slide show

BUDGET : This program is set up for an open group of 15 persons, full budget 700 eur/pers all included This includes meals during Masterclass and Job shadowing, accommodation in a twin studio, local transport, all activities planned. This does not include local transfer upon arrival/departure.

LOGISTICS  : Perpignan has easy connections through French airports : Perpignan – Toulouse  or Spanish airports : Barcelona – Gerona.

The budget does not include local transfer upon arrival/departure but we can assist you to set up the best logistics option.

Why would you include this staff training in your application?

Interested  in this Organic farming Masterclass staff program?  contact here.

Florence Delseny Sobra, the Managing Director and Alexandra Deit-Brummelhuis, Mobility Manager are at your disposal for any further inquiries.