2018 in France ? Mobility for students & staff Cook Masterclass

In France, ALFMED stands as the biggest private hosting partner for ERASMUS+ VET student mobility. We have achieved in 12 years such a great result thanks to your trust and our commitment.  Our PIC is 947095973. We can host your mobility programs. We want to say a special ‘Thank you” to all the partners who […]

TLN and ER+ mobility : choose ALFMED as your French partner

Thank You. Merci. Together we enhance  mobility excellence in France . ALFMED is active in this field since 2005 and we have lived with all the ERASMUS community some wonderful experiences! If You’re looking for a reliable French partner , please contact us. ALFMED is the biggest private hosting organisation in France specialized in TLN […]

Thank You. Together we enhance Erasmus excellence

Together we enhance ERASMUS + mobility excellence. ALFMED is…

French classes are back to Ceret October 21st 13h

vailable all year since 2008 Come to Céret to attend…

ALFMED - Octobre 2016 activités culturelles

Bonjour à tous ! Voici la sélection des activités culturelles…

ALFMED - Aout 2016 activités culturelles

Voici la sélection des activités culturelles du mois d'août…

Sortie ALFMED - Procession de la Sanch Vendredi 25 mars 2016

Rendez-vous à Alfmed le vendredi 25 mars 2016, à 14h précises! Ne…

Jingle Bells in French means Cadeau?

Hey Jingle bells, jingle bells… yes it is that time of the…